Shamsabad Building

Project Description: plan & detail & diagram Other Projects: Type : Residential Location : Shamsabad, Tehran, 2023 Client : Mr. Ghafouri Area: 1000 m2 Number of Stories:5 Number of Stories: 3 Status: Under construction Completion: scale : Medium

Queen Center Beauty Clinic

Project Description: According to the space organization of the project, Emphasis was placed on the presence of light in space and its direction in a hierarchical direction from the private space (operating rooms) to public space (waiting and reception) which caused the natural light to flow slowly in the waiting space. Stressful moments are experienced […]

Sohrevardi office building

Project Description: Presence background of cinema/theater actors, writers and directors of kid’s theater industry in 50 years old building in Eshraghi alley had an interesting and memorable story that lead us to keep this memory by defining primary concept and circumstances of inside and outside relationship. Artists and puppets and masks like “Zizi golou’’ and […]

Nima yooshij House

Project Description: Nima Yooshij (11 November 1897 – 4 January 1960) was a Persian poet. He is famous for his style of poetry which he popularized, called She’r-e-now, also known as She’r-e Nimaa’i. He is considered as the father of modern Persian poetry. Nima lived for 10 years in this house which is located in […]

Kavir Jewelary Gallary

Project Description: Human eyes were opened from the eternal day to the radiance of the sun and the light of stars in nights. He came from sky to earth but he had the glitter of light in his hands. He found a shining metal which did not rust and its beauty was dazzling. He explored […]

Khanome Ziba Jewelry Gallery

Project Description: Based on the principle that the space should offer opportunities for people to experience the essence of space, we started the design process. Gold with its beauty and preciousness has always remained, and reminds the audience happy memories. But galleries and jewelry shops are easy to forget Because they are all similar with […]


Project Description: Project description: supervisors experts: Employees : Other Projects: Type : Location : Client: Area: Number of Stories: Status: Completion: – scale:

Sarvin residential building

Project Description: As time goes on Tehran constantly loses his natural pleasing views. Vitality and natural landscapes are replacing with dusty high buildings. But urban facades with human scale, variety in form and local materials which is compatible with local climate can improve the urban views. The experience of combining compatible materials with hints of colors and […]