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Khanome Ziba Jewelry Gallery

Project Description:

Based on the principle that the space should offer opportunities for people to experience the essence of space, we started the design process. Gold with its beauty and preciousness has always remained, and reminds the audience happy memories. But galleries and jewelry shops are easy to forget Because they are all similar with a slight difference in layout, dimensions of showcases, color and coating of walls and floors and lighting.

This elegant metal deserves to be presented in a novel atmosphere that creates a new experience in its users, a space that displays its beauty to the highest level.


In this gallery, the beautiful lady hosts in the form of an iron showcases. She displays this beautiful metal in the showcases which shape herself, in the hope that she can give pure and memorable moments to her guests. This showcases include several layers; front layer in the shape of her hand and her arm displays rings and bracelets. And next layers in the shape of her neck display necklaces.


plan & diagram :

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