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Nima yooshij House

Project Description:

Nima Yooshij (11 November 1897 – 4 January 1960) was a Persian poet. He is famous for his style of poetry which he popularized, called She’r-e-now, also known as She’r-e Nimaa’i. He is considered as the father of modern Persian poetry. Nima lived for 10 years in this house which is located in Dezashib, Tehran and he died there. Nima wrote many of her poems in this house. It was also a gathering spot to his followers and friends, all of whom were young artists and poets.

In this project, conservation and restoration of Nima Yoshij’s house, according to the comprehensive studies on the values of the building and review of the existing theoretical foundations on the issues of conservation and restoration of valuable buildings, the main approach in this project is maximum protection of the building. The main goal of the proposed new use, in addition to integrated protection of the building, is to prevent the damage to originality and personality of the house. Therefore, an attempt has been made that the proposed use has maximum adapting with the house, in order to minimize the intervention, and the anticipated interventions should be limited to necessary interventions and the principle of reversibility should be observed.

The main approach in reviving Nima Yoshij’s house is to introduce Nima and his role in Persian literature. Some of the spaces have been protected in the same way as Nima lived there, so that his living space and his worldview can be shown to the visitors. In addition, some spaces have been provided for gatherings of Nima’s fans and people who interested in literature and poetry.

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