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Kavir Jewelary Gallary

Project Description:

Human eyes were opened from the eternal day to the radiance of the sun and the light of stars in nights. He came from sky to earth but he had the glitter of light in his hands.

He found a shining metal which did not rust and its beauty was dazzling. He explored the earth more, and this time he was delighted with the radiance of the rare stones which brought the beautiful and shining stars of the sky to the earth.

The gallery is like the desert nights; to settle these sparkling stars in this gallery, we chose the clear glass border and the wave-like cut of the black stone which reminds the desert hills. Glass showcases with optical elements were placed along the wave-like cut of the black stones to display the handmade ornaments of artists. Jewelry are like stars which sparkling between sky and earth.


plan & diagram :

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