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Refah Bank façade design competition

Project Description:

The main idea is a double skin façade, an enclosing porous surface. The outer skin is designed as a protective curtain for the main façade. This skin limits the view from outside (unlike the current condition in most bank branches) and provides shadow and light play. This skin also helps reduce temperature between the main façade and itself. It protects the building from wind and dust and reduces sound intensity level.

The design is inspired by the form and function of straw in a new format. Brick has been chosen as the main material, being a local material, a reminder of Iranian architecture and in harmony with the urban façades.

The outer skin consists of the main frame which hold the modular brick frames and enables the extension and repetition of the façade. Bricks are laid horizontally in three consecutive rows with holes in them for protective bars. Steel pipe-like washers are placed between rows of bricks to create space.

Placing the protective bars inside the outer skin provides aesthetic aspects of the interior space and security considerations at the same time.  

plan & diagram

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