Queen center Beauty Clinic

Type: Commertial

Location: Tehran

Client: Dr. Kamran Jazayeri

Area: 140 m²

Number of Stories: 1

Status: completed

Completion: 2020

scale: small

Project description:


Emphasis was placed on the presence of light in space and its direction in a hierarchical direction according to the space organization of the project, from the private space (operating rooms) to public space (waiting and reception) which caused the natural light to flow slowly in the waiting space.

In this space, stressful moments are experienced before the surgery, which due to this issue, trough the presence of natural light and green plants in the suspended terrarium, the design tries to create a maximum sense of calm and reliance for its users.

The design of the suspended furniture allows the eye to move from the floor to an area beyond the middle space and helps to make the dimensions of the space feel bigger and create a more fluid and wider perception. Spaces are divided according to the type of use, separate accesses for surgery, examination room and service spaces

plans & diagrams