Adaptive Reuse of Nima yooshij House

Type: Historical Location: Tajrish,Tehran Client: Tehran Beautification Organization Area: 600 m² Number of Stories: 1 Status: Under construction scale: medium   Project description: Nima Yooshij (11 November 1897 – 4 January 1960) was a Persian poet. He is famous for his style of poetry which he popularized, called She’r-e-now, also known as She’r-e Nimaa’i. He is considered as the father of modern Persian poetry. Nima lived for 10 years in this house which is located in Dezashib, Tehran and he died there. Nima wrote many of her poems in this house. It was also a gathering spot to his followers and friends, all of whom were young artists and poets. In this project, conservation and restoration of Nima Yoshij’s house, according to the comprehensive studies on the values of the building and review of the existing theoretical foundations on the issues of conservation and restoration of valuable buildings, the main approach in this project is maximum protection of the building. The main goal of the proposed new use, in addition to integrated protection of the building, is to prevent the damage to originality and personality of the house. Therefore, an attempt has been made that the proposed use has maximum […]

Rasoulian (Jordan) Residential Building

Type: Residential Location: Jordan,Tehran Client: Mr Rasoulian Area: 3500 m² Number of Stories: 10 Status: Unbuilt Completion: – Scale: Medium plan

University of Tehran ARAS International Campus

Type: Educational Location: Jolfa, East Azerbaijan Client: University of Tehran Area: 13000 m² Number of Stories: 4 Status: Unbuilt Scale: Large Project description:   The university should be the place where the desire of learning arises, and users can feel it when entering the university. The one who enters an architectural work in which a sense of learning is realized, has found his aim from the university. So building a university does not follow a predefined pattern, it only needs to refer to understanding of learning. The design of ARAS International Campus on the basis of previous studies and new studies, is based on 4 main factors. A study of the theoretical foundations of Iranian architecture and study of valuable buildings. Study of new and leading learning spaces in the world Study of history and culture of the context Study of the natural geography of the context The fundamental approach in this project is to refer to understanding the nature of space and the spirit of the university and the connection of space and time to create a proper context to learning. Experience of space in this project is one of the main factors in the design and creation of […]

Sohrevardi Commercial & Official Building

Type: Commercial & Official Location: Tehran Client: Mr Mesdaghi Area: 1300 m² Number of Stories: 4 Status: completed Completion: 2020 scale: Medium   Presence background of cinema/theater actors, writers and directors of kid’s theater industry in 50 years old building in Eshraghi alley had an interesting and memorable story that lead us to keep this memory bye defining primary concept and circumstances of inside and outside relationship Artists and puppets and masks like “Zizi golou” and … would come and go inside the building for several years. Now this memory was about to vanish so we envisage the scene toward the city dimension to show what was going on inside it. Building was located between residential and office _commercial texture gap and the new usage was office commercial. Therefore, this scene should be arranged toward the Public space of the city so it wouldn’t have any disturb or view to the residential buildings. East facade of building is planned to be almost as closed as the west elevation so main spaces could get day light only through elongate narrow windows in low height and yet don’t have a direct view to the neighbor residential building. North side of this scene […]

Center of Visitors and Archaeologists of Qoli Darvish Historical Site

Type: Cultural Location: Qom, Iran. Client: Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Qom  (in collaboration with Dr Homa Behbahani) Area: 560 m² Number of Stories: 1 Status: Unbuilt scale: Medium Due to the historical and cultural importance of the site and its antiquity, factors such as limited height, local and eco-friendly materials and minimal visual impact on the historic site were the main design factors in this project. In order to reduce the maintenance costs and facilities of the building, climatic solutions have been used in the design. For this purpose, by studying the climate of the region and the historic architecture and typology of houses in the region, the orientation of the building and its height, the plan form, number, dimensions and orientation of the openings and the size and direction of the shaders have been determined. The two central courtyards in this building have provided the possibility of using proper ventilation for the spaces. By providing access for visitors to the roof of the building, it is used as a viewpoint to see the historic site. plans & diadrams

Rasoulian (Shahriar) Residential Building

Type: Residential Location: Qeytarieh, Tehran Client: Mr Rasoulian Area: 1500 m² Number of Stories: 6 Status: Under construction Completion: – Scale: medium Project description: Shahriar residential building locates in an alley full of trees between the Kamraniyeh and Qeytarieh neighborhood. the proximity of the building to the Qeytarieh park made a special situation for the building. The design process began with a modern approach with materials and integration of interior space with exterior of the building. To achieve this goal, vertical and horizontal movements in the interior of building reflect on the exterior. thus, corridors and stairs as the main means of these movements chose to integrate with the exterior. In this composition, create visual and spatial diversity for users was considered as an important and determining factor. For practical and suitable use, terraces designed with different dimensions and made eye-catching exterior. In addition to create a continuous movement in combination with terraces, stairs provide small yards to bring nature into life of users. Devising these small yards prevent uncoordinated flower pots and create a harmonic composition of nature. plans &diagrams  

Ammar Commercial & Official Building

Type: Commercial & Official Location: Tehran Client: Dr Alavi Area: 300 m² Number of Stories: 2 Status: Unbuilt scale: Small Project description:   The project started with the renovation of the ground floor and first floor of building to a Jewelry. The client wanted to establish a unique brand of jewelry and a new atmosphere in the building. The main idea in this project with consideration of light, elegance, and brilliance of diamond and jewelry, was to show the reflection of light emitted from stones by create transparent oval shape in the middle of space. This idea transpired on the exterior of the building; The unique exterior with the least opening is like a shell with a pearl inside it. plans & diagrams

Nabavi Residential Building

Type: Residential Location: Yousef Abad, Tehran Client: Mr Nabavi Area: 1820 m² Number of Stories: 6 Status: completed Completion: 2019 scale: Medium Project description:   The employer wanted a 5-storey residential apartment with a brick façade, with 2 units on each floor. The west neighbor did not allow the owner to fill the 45-degree chamfer, so we were required to consider this in our design. This limitation became the design idea. A brick shell with a sloping corner on the façade was considered that does not visually seem to have a chamfer, and the main idea was the corners with different angles on each floor of the building. The first and second floors have the same angles in their façade but the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor have different angles in the façade. plans & diageams  

Villa shahr

Type: Residential Location: Nour,Tehran Client: Mr Alirezaei Area: 300 m² Number of Stories: 2 Status: Completed Completion: 2018 scale: Small plans & diagrams

Sarvin residential building

Name: Sarvin residential building Location: Gheytariyah boulevard, Shirvani street, Tehran, Iran Architecture firm: Sarvestan architecture and urbanism group Architect: Mahfam Kooshesh, Maneli Afshan Design team: Farzaneh Khalili, Mitra Tafazoli, Mahsa Elahivafa/Date: 2018/ Site area: 510 sqm Built area: 2310 sqm Type: Residential Structure: Ghobadian.Eng. Mechanical: Mahmoudzadegan. Eng. Electrical: Safdari.Eng. Construction: Sarvin construction group Executive manager: Amir Rasoulian 3D: Sheyda Banihashemi, Forough Dini Graphic: Farzaneh Khalili, Mitra Tafazoli, Mahsa Elahivafa Credit: Semi-Finalist of Memar award in residential apartment category Materials: Brick, Colored glass block, stone Photos: Ali Daghigh Client: Rasoulian family More information: 5 floor residential building with total area of 2310 square metes Basement (-1): Parking and warehouses and facilities Ground floor: Lobby, security guard, meeting room and parking First floor to third: 3 Units Residential Floors (105,104,116 sqm) Forth to Fifth: 2 Units Residential Floors (169,155 sqm) Structure: Concrete structure Facilities: Split Duct and Package Wood: Bps. Company Elavator: Sama afraz. Company Window: Butia Industry Company Cabinets & Wooden parts: Keihan Cabin Company As time passes Tehran is losing its pleasant outlooks more and more. Vitality and plants changing their place with buildings and isochromatic and dusty facing. Dust and Polluted air also make things worse. However, urban walls with a human scale, variety in form and […]