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Ketabchi Apartment

Project Description:

This project was the decoration of an apartment unit in the old Alborz complex located on Bukan Street. This building was built before the Iran revolution and the employer who lived in England wanted to have an apartment in Tehran for the times he traveled to Iran: An apartment with very modern and minimal design and furniture. And since the building was old and there were wall cupboards with very deep depths in parts of the hall, we decided to remove these cupboards and consider them as parts to serve the hall.

Two movable metal bars were made that rotated 360 degrees around their axis and were replaced instead of these two cupboards. Also, the kitchen was located in the center of the house and in the north and south direction, there was an open view to the living room and hall, which was not very suitable for the family, so we decided to use a movable panel made of MDF and mirror Plexiglas materials in the shape of an abstract design of a tree that separates these two spaces from each other.


Physical-planning features:

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