About us

Sarvestan Architecture and Urbanism group founded in September 2008 by Manely Afshang and Mahfam Kooshesh and started its professional work in the fields of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urban planning based on previous experiences.

Manely and Mahfam as co-founder of Sarvestan Studio have many experiences in different category such as design and renovation of residential, cultural commercial and office buildings.

Sarvestan’s vision is reaching to new space with creative ideas based on rich criteria of ancient Iranian Architecture and Urbanism patterns. One of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is to coordinate demands of Iranian users and lifestyle with new spaces and design for human-life instead of Mechanical-life.

During these years, Sarvestan Studio designed and built several projects, collaborated with the Architecture and Urban planning department of university of Tehran and received national and international awards.

sarvestan studio team