University of Tehran ARAS International Campus

Project Description: The university should be the place where the desire of learning arises, and users can feel it when entering the university. The one who enters an architectural work in which a sense of learning is realized, has found his aim from the university. So building a university does not follow a predefined pattern, […]

Center of Visitors and Archaeologists of Qoli Darvish Historical Site

Project Description: Due to the historical and cultural importance of the site and its antiquity, factors such as limited height, local and eco-friendly materials and minimal visual impact on the historic site were the main design factors in this project. In order to reduce the maintenance costs and facilities of the building, climatic solutions have […]

Rasoulian (Shahriar) Residential Building

Project Description: Shahriar residential building locates in an alley full of trees between the Kamraniyeh and Qeytarieh neighborhood. the proximity of the building to the Qeytarieh park made a special situation for the building. The design process began with a modern approach with materials and integration of interior space with exterior of the building. To achieve this goal, […]