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Behrouzi Apartment

Project Description:

The project started when a jewelry designer and her husband wanted to have their 40 year old apartment renovated. It was a very dull space with an old-fashioned plan.

Having a jewelry designer as our client, had us thinking about beauty, delicacy and light reflections. The plan was originally organized in a way that spaces were dark and dull. We opened up the kitchen in the south and enlarged its window, so that light could penetrate into inner spaces and reach the north part where a balcony was located. We enlarged the windows on the north as well to get as much light as possible and the balcony became a gathering space for family and friends.

The family tree in the balcony is a symbol for love, life and family. Its fruits are made from mirror to reflect faces and events.This tree is also used as a protective fence, as the apartment is located on the first floor.

plan & detail & diagram

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