Sarvin residential building

Name: Sarvin residential building Location: Gheytariyah boulevard, Shirvani street, Tehran, Iran Architecture firm: Sarvestan architecture and urbanism group Architect: Mahfam Kooshesh, Maneli Afshan Design team: Farzaneh Khalili, Mitra Tafazoli, Mahsa Elahivafa/Date: 2018/ Site area: 510 sqm Built area: 2310 sqm Type: Residential Structure: Ghobadian.Eng. Mechanical: Mahmoudzadegan. Eng. Electrical: Safdari.Eng. Construction: Sarvin construction group Executive manager: Amir Rasoulian 3D: Sheyda Banihashemi, Forough Dini Graphic: Farzaneh Khalili, Mitra Tafazoli, Mahsa Elahivafa Credit: Semi-Finalist of Memar award in residential apartment category Materials: Brick, Colored glass block, stone Photos: Ali Daghigh Client: Rasoulian family More information: 5 floor residential building with total area of 2310 square metes Basement (-1): Parking and warehouses and facilities Ground floor: Lobby, security guard, meeting room and parking First floor to third: 3 Units Residential Floors (105,104,116 sqm) Forth to Fifth: 2 Units Residential Floors (169,155 sqm) Structure: Concrete structure Facilities: Split Duct and Package Wood: Bps. Company Elavator: Sama afraz. Company Window: Butia Industry Company Cabinets & Wooden parts: Keihan Cabin Company As time passes Tehran is losing its pleasant outlooks more and more. Vitality and plants changing their place with buildings and isochromatic and dusty facing. Dust and Polluted air also make things worse. However, urban walls with a human scale, variety in form and […]

Rayzan House of culture

Type: Cultural Location: No:311, Niavaran, Tehran Client: Rayzan cultural institute, Bojnourdi Area: 700 m² Number of Stories: 2 Status: completed Completion: 2017 scale: medium Honors & Awards: Winner of 2A continental Architectural awards for Asia and Europe | 2018 Winner of World Architecture Award for Stores, Hotels, and Restaurants | 2018 The 2018 Agha Khan Award for Architecture | semi-finalist 1st prize in Architecture and Construction Award | 2017 Grand Memar Award | Honored, 2017 Project description Employer of the “Rayzan Culture House” intended to create a new design in the cultural area to offer its various products, planned this project. He intended through presenting an efficient and sustainable mode make the even way for promotion of life quality and also cultural growth and prosperity in the public area and in a comprehensive levels. As the life style affects directly on the dimensions of human identity that consist of his/her thought and body, the objectives of formation of “Rayzan Culture House” have been defined based on promotion of quality of life and culture of society that is followed by collective identity interaction as well. This issue by emphasizing on the employer’ slogan of healthy man, healthy thought, healthy body, the […]

Behrouzi Apartment

Behrouzi Apartment type: residential location: Jordan, Tehran, Iran client: Mr. and Mrs. Behrouzi area: 110 m2 status: completed completion year: 2016 scale: small Behrouzi- 2016 The project started when a jewelry designer and her husband wanted to have their 40 year old apartment renovated. It was a very dull space with an old-fashioned plan. Having a jewelry designer as our client, had us thinking about beauty, delicacy and light reflections. The plan was originally organized in a way that spaces were dark and dull. We opened up the kitchen in the south and enlarged its window, so that light could penetrate into inner spaces and reach the north part where a balcony was located. We enlarged the windows on the north as well to get as much light as possible and the balcony became a gathering space for family and friends. The family tree in the balcony is a symbol for love, life and family. Its fruits are made from mirror to reflect faces and events.This tree is also used as a protective fence, as the apartment is located on the first floor. plan & diagram

Shabak Residential Building

type: residential location: Qeytarieh, Tehran, Iran client: Mr. Rasoulian area: 341.5 m^2 number of stories: 5 status: completed completion year: 2014 scale: medium honors & awards: Grand Memar Award 2015 | finalist, Residential Shabak- 2014 The client requested a 5-storey residential building. They were interested in using brick as the principal material of the building. This interest led the design process to using this traditional material as a second skin hanging on the building’s façade like a curtain.  Colorful glazed bricks were used in rows randomly. We wanted to create a new method for combining light, color and space on the façade. So we decided to play with light through making holes in the brick skin called Shābāk. These holes are located in front of balconies and above windows in order to create attractive play of light and shadow. At night, the play of light is visible with LED lights that are fixed to the skin. This combination of brick rows, iron frames and details are a simple interpretation of a modern pattern. plan & diagram

Shamsaee Apartment

Shamsaee (Azin Building) – 2014 type: residential location: Aqdasieh, Tehran, Iran client: Mr. Felfelian area: 100 m^2 status: completed completion year: 2014 scale: small An interior design project in a building which was formerly designed by us. This apartment is a second home away from home. The client needed a modern, comfortable and legible space; a place for gathering with friends and a base for travels abroad and a place to return to from numerous travels. So standard patterns for residential units with permanent and functional living criteria faded. Integrating public spaces and using distinctive colors and materials were given priority.  The use of numerous partitions was avoided and a combination of volume, color and function appeared in a loop-like three dimensional element which separated public and private zones. Kitchen cabinets were designed in black and white. The kitchen countertop made of black corian is placed in the loop and the anti-scratch steel work table is placed within the counter. A U-shaped mobile serving cabinet and a TV table with scratched cable and glass was designed. To have a more spacious space in the small bathroom of this unit, mirrors were placed on two walls facing one another with indirect […]

Azin Residential Building

type: residential location: Aqdasieh, Tehran, Iran client: Mr. Mesdaghi area: 2783.5 m^2 number of stories: 5 status: completed completion: 2014 scale: medium honors & awards: Grand Memar Award 2015 | semi-finalist, Residential Azin- 2014 The story of this project started when the land owner desired a new building in the same old land. The main design challenge was to benefit from the natural landscape and Tochal Mountain considering the adjacent buildings on the north which block the view with their heterogeneous facades and heights. We decided to orient the units on the west towards the mountains despite the undesirable light from the west. With the new orientation we had better views in these units and a more closed façade on the north, which affected the design of this façade. The region’s landscape and its surroundings were the main elements upon which the idea for the façades was based. Stone and wood were chosen as the main materials considering owners’ desire. Another important factor was the concern for green space and plants. It was decided to add plants to the west façade in combination with wooden elements in a vertical direction. To create a potential space for plants and to reduce […]

Felfelian Apartment

Felfelian (Azin Building) – 2014 type: residential location: Aqdasieh, Tehran, Iran client: Mr. Felfelian area: 117 m^2 status: completed completion year: 2014 scale: small plan  

Khazanedari Apartment

Khazanedari- 2013 type: residential location: Kamranieh, Tehran, Iran client: Mrs. Khazanedari area: 170 m^2 status: completed completion year: 2013 scale: small Like many other buildings in Tehran, this apartment was built without enough design and construction considerations. Banal and uncreative decorations were used in its interiors. Our main objective was to create a focal point in the heart of the house, in response to the client’s needs which is constant social activities with their friends. We believe that home is a secure and comfortable space. But the body of the house cannot guarantee this comfort on its own. Interior design and decoration play important roles in creating a pleasant space. We had limitations in changes and layout due to client’s demands. So we decided to create an exquisite element in space using simple materials such as iron and wood.  We designed a simple structure from iron along the kitchen which was functional despite having our desired form. The kitchen counter was placed on this structure. The structure was covered with durable laminated wood and installation details were delicately designed. The installation was effortlessly done by the client himself. The ladder-like form of this element let the light and view penetrates […]


bank refah plan

Kid’s city- 2014

  type: Cultural area: 5068 m^2 number of stories: 3 scale: medium Science Exploratorium is a science museum where visitors use the devices and machines that are at display. Unlike science museums that display past scientific achievements and devices are kept away from visitors due to their historic values, in Exploratorium durable devices are at disposal for visitors to explore. The proposed idea is based on the creation of flexible spaces, formed by placing fluid and free layers on each other. Layers of experience are bases for discovering the potentials and moving towards a new future. With this point of view, movement, transparency, flexibility and fluidity are bases of the proposal. Moving through spaces and layers of activity is possible with horizontal and vertical corridors. Educational spaces with different programs are placed next to each other. There is no limitation for entering and exiting spaces, the layouts and programs. Educational spaces are designed as an integrated collection with functional hierarchy and intervals between main halls, as children and adolescent need private spaces to rest in addition to active and collective spaces.  Central and inner spaces are strongly connected with transparent surfaces. Layers of space are placed on each other in […]